Tom Cruise – Guilty Pleasure of the West

Tom Cruise - Oblivion

I go without sleep, I just go hard – Tom Cruise

Intensely looking down; serious; contemplative; packing heat; with the Empire States Building in the background – we can’t be serious can we? Its another Tom Cruise film – tastefully titled no less than ‘Oblivion’ with the not so understated tag line “Earth is a memory worth fighting for”. In cinemas soon, apparently.

Tom Cruise is the biggest guilty pleasure of the west. We love to hate him, and yet we secretly love to love him too.

If I had a dollar for every time someone made a Tom Cruise joke, I’d be richer than The Church of Scientology, Tom, Katie, and Nicole put together.  There is plenty of ammunition when making a less than creative wise crack from “Its hard to look up to a short man”, and “I can’t just keep looking down on Tom Cruise”; to “Q: Why is Tom Cruise so upset? Ans: Because he is Holmes-less”.


But, we keep on rolling up to see his films – Tom seems no longer to need to act, playing the same character – Tom Cruise – in all his films.  Jack Reacher, Jerry Maguire, Ray Ferrier (War of the Worlds); Captain John Anderton (Minority Report); Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible) – what difference does a name make?

For as much as everyone seems to pay out on poor old Tom – we love him like a ‘frenemy’.  He’s our western Hollywood guilty little pleasure.  And fair enough, he makes some pretty decent films – at least don’t let anyone know I said that.  

And so all we keep on coming back for more… 

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